Cockfighting in Thailand

Cockfighting in Thailand is legal. The Thai government views it as an important part of the Thai culture. It has become so popular that there are even magazines dedicated to it. Many people place bets during individual contests. Some spectators even place multiple bets and even change them during the contest.

Cockfighting in Rural Thailand – Peaceful Societies

SV388 เอาไก่ชนมาสู่ประเทศไทย has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. It is thought to be the world’s oldest spectator sport. The sport is regulated strictly and there are many rules in place to ensure the health and safety of gamecocks. In Thailand, owners use padded metal spurs called gaffes to prevent serious injuries. In most cases, the birds are protected from harm and are not killed, but they do suffer injuries.

Thai people are passionate about cockfighting, and it is not illegal. The fights are not played to death, and the participants are not even required to wear helmets. Cockfighting events are often raided by police every few months. In some areas, cockfighting events may be a legal way to earn extra money.

Cockfighting is not only popular in Thailand, but it is also popular in Malaysia. Many Malaysians, particularly from Kelantan, go to Thailand to watch a cockfight. However, animal welfare laws in the country are starting to affect how traditional Thai sports are conducted.

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