Choosing a Rolling Ladder

When you need to work on an elevated surface, a Rolling Ladder is an excellent option. These ladders come in many sizes and are available from FOB points all over the country. When choosing a ladder, make sure to choose one with a locking device. This is especially important if you need to use the ladder for longer periods of time.

Rolling ladders are safer than traditional extension ladders and are often OSHA-compliant. Before purchasing a Rolling Ladder, it is important to determine the height and width of the access point you need to access. Ideally, the top platform of the ladder should be within 5 feet of the highest access point. To help you determine your needs, you can request a free consultation from an EGA Products sales representative.

How Wide of a Ladder Should I Get?

Rolling ladders are useful in warehouses and other locations where workers must reach high places. They are available in folding and permanently raised models to meet OSHA regulations and ANSI guidelines. Some rolling ladders are equipped with spring-loaded or semi-pneumatic casters for easy mobility. Many models also come with handrails to prevent falls.

The main purpose of a rolling ladder is to give workers access to high shelving. Since it is mobile, it can easily fit into narrow spaces and can be handled by one person. A rolling ladder is also safer than a standard ladder because the wheels are locked to maintain its stability.

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