Horseware products

Horseware products offer top-of-the-line quality workmanship and a wide variety of styles and colours. They have long been trusted to provide the best blankets for horses. Whether you’re looking for a blanket, an equine therapy product, or a headcollar, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Horseware’s extensive line. Learn more

Horseware products use recycled nylon and organic cotton to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. They also incorporate eco-products, like functional fibers from recycled plastic bottles, to ensure a healthier environment for horses.

The company’s Vari-Layer System is designed to maximize heat retention. It is made with thermobonded fiberfill in the middle of the blanket and the lightest fiberfill on the bottom. This decreases the weight of the blanket and allows it to wrap more closely around the horse.

Horseware products have always provided the optimal fit for your horse. Their patented Disc-Front closure was designed to mirror your horse’s chest shape for a comfortable fit. Unlike other closures, this closure is flexible and lightweight, yet durable.

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As a result, it provides a secure fit without leg straps. In addition, Horseware products include an exclusive weatherproof coating that keeps your horse dry.

Amigo and Rhino rug lines are available in a variety of colour combinations, with attractive stripes, plaids, and patterns. These rugs are tested on a variety of horses to make sure they’re fit for any kind of horse.

All Horseware products are made to last. They’re tested for fit and are built to withstand the rigors of horseplay. To further increase the durability of these products, they’re made from ballistic nylon, which is four times stronger than standard polyester.

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