The Land Rover 110 – The Basic 4×4

land rover 110

The land rover 110 is the most basic, everyday of the Defender line-up, which also includes the three-door 90 and the longer five-door 110. They’re the cheapest way to get into Land Rover’s best-known 4×4, but you can personalise them with a huge range of extras and options.

Despite its square styling and relatively compact dimensions, the Defender 110 is still a long-legged SUV – a touch longer than a BMW 3-series and longer than the Lexus GX. That means it can thread through city streets and urban jungles easily, as well as offering a rugged interior that should shrug off whatever the kids hurl at it.

Customizing Your Land Rover 110: How to Personalize Your Off-Road Machine for Your Needs and Style

It also isn’t a lugger on winding B-roads, largely thanks to its big air springs and vast wheel travel. It’s not quite as involving on these roads as a Discovery or a Range Rover, but it handles nimbly, with a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission and full-time all-wheel drive dialling out any twitchiness that might otherwise come from the shorter wheelbase.

As you’d expect, the Defender 110 is also a pretty fun off-roader too. Those big air springs and vast wheel travel mean it’s not afraid to tackle the broken road that you’d struggle with in a smaller vehicle, but it can also be slung around on a wild riverbank.

If you need a little more passenger and cargo space, there’s now also the 130, which has an extended wheelbase, so it can carry an additional row of seats. You’ll need to spend a bit more than the two-door 110, but it’s worth the extra for the extra space.

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