Global Agenda for Feminine Health

Feminine Health

Women’s health differs from men in many ways. It is a complex and interconnected set of physical, mental, social and emotional factors that affect health in women in all countries around the world.

The health of women and girls is influenced by sociocultural and economic factors, such as poverty, poor education, lack of access to health services, and violence against women and girls. The healthcare system needs to respond to these challenges by providing appropriate interventions. More info

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are one of the top concerns of women’s health, but they can also be preventable with good genital hygiene and regular screenings. It is important to use latex condoms, know your partner’s history and get vaccinated for hepatitis A, B and HPV.

The Best Herbal Supplements for Promoting Feminine Health

Other health issues can impact women’s sex life, such as fertility, desire for sex and orgasm. These can lead to relationship issues and stress, which are associated with negative health outcomes.

The global agenda for women’s health must be broadened and redefined, a sex-disaggregated approach to health research and policy is required. This will ensure that sex differences are routinely considered across all areas of health and medicine, to design, evaluate and deliver the best healthcare interventions and policies, particularly for NCDs, which are the leading causes of death and disability among women globally.

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