Wheels For Furniture

wheels for furniture

Whether it’s a chair or desk, wheels for furniture┬ás can make furniture much easier to move around. They’re available in a variety of shapes, including stem casters that mount inside the legs and cup casters that support the bottom of the piece within a sturdy construction cup.

Wheels for furniture come in a wide range of materials, including nylon, forged steel, plastic rubber and urethane-coated iron. They can also be designed for specific floor surfaces and alkaline materials.

Caster Size and Load Capacity

Before buying furniture casters, weigh the weight of the piece to ensure it’s safe to use. This can be done by asking the manufacturer, but it’s also a good idea to consult a furniture hardware supplier.

If the piece is oversized, it may require heavier-duty casters. A heftier wheel can help prevent the piece from tipping over or rolling away accidentally, but it can also damage the floor.

Furniture Mobility 101: How to Install Wheels on Your Chairs, Tables, and More

The diameter of the caster also affects its capacity to carry weight and movement. Larger wheels will be able to withstand more force and resist rolling out of position more easily, which is particularly useful for carts or heavy-duty furniture casters.

Starting resistance and rolling resistance are also important considerations for casters. Starting resistance is the force required to get a wheel moving, and rolling resistance is the amount of force it takes to keep a wheel in motion at all times.

Wheels made from softer materials, like rubber or plastic, are less likely to transmit vibration that can wear out hard floor surfaces, such as hardwood or tile. They’re also quieter and more comfortable to roll, reducing fatigue and muscle stress.

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