Bike Baskets – Cycling Cargo Carrying Essentials

bike baskets

Bike Baskets – Cycling Cargo Carrying Essentials

No matter the distance between destinations, being able to conveniently carry your gear makes any ride more fun. With options for both front and rear bike baskets you can find the perfect one to suit your cycling needs.

Classic Basket Woven & Plastic Look for the Rattan Effect

A true classic beloved by cyclists everywhere, wicker and cane baskets offer a rustic look that instantly puts you in mind of country picnics and dreamy bike rides through the countryside. There are also metal baskets that combine the beauty of woven baskets with an industrial, utilitarian aesthetic.

Explore Your City with Convenience and Style: Choosing the Right Bike Basket for You”

If you want to make your bike shopping trips even more convenient, consider a quick-release mounted basket that attaches easily and doesn’t require any tools. Adapter systems like KlickFix, MIK, BasEasy, Racktime and CarryMore let you attach and remove your bike basket quickly and without the hassle of lugging it around.

Rear Baskets – For hauling heavier cargo, you’ll likely need a rear basket, which is usually mounted on the back of your bike. These often come with a lid for extra protection from the elements.

Front Baskets – Most often attached to the handlebars, these can be used for light shopping loads or to carry smaller items such as a multi-tool, spare tube or patch kit. Overloading a front basket can be dangerous if not handled sensibly, as it can throw off the steering of your bicycle.

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