Will Contest Lawyers

If you are the beneficiary or heir of a will and believe it was written will contest lawyers the testator was not of sound mind, a skilled New York Will Contest Lawyer may be able to help. The key factors in challenging a will are whether you have legal standing and what the court considers to be adequate grounds for doing so. This article provides an overview of these two concepts and can help you determine if you have sufficient grounds to challenge a will.

Legal standing means you must have a financial stake in the outcome of the challenge, which most beneficiaries and heirs do. However, the law also requires that you have a good and substantial reason to contest the will, which is called grounds. Being unhappy with the size of your inheritance is not sufficient grounds.

Will Contest Lawyers: Why You Need Professional Legal Representation in Challenging a Will

Some of the most common grounds for contesting a will are undue influence, lack of mental capacity and coercion. Other valid grounds include a mistake, forgery or evidence of fraud.

It is important to note that the process for contesting a will is complex and time-consuming. A reputable New York Will Contest Lawyer can ensure that you comply with all the relevant legal time limits and make your case as strong as possible.

To contest a will, you must file a petition with the state probate court that is overseeing the estate where the will is being probated. The petition must contain specific facts that support your claim that the will is not valid, such as evidence of fraud or undue influence.

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