Canadian Mail Order Marijuana

canadian mail order marijuana

While consumers in the United States can only dream about buying marijuana canadian mail order marijuana | tale of two strains, those in Canada have had this option for over a year now. And while they have to be at least 18 or 19 years old to purchase cannabis legally, they can order online and receive their products through the mail without fear of being arrested.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, mail-order retailers can offer a more diverse selection of marijuana products at lower prices than their retail counterparts. And with the right business model and infrastructure, they can also cut costs by shipping directly to customers’ homes or workplaces.

A Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Mail Order Marijuana: How to Safely and Legally Purchase Cannabis Online

For this reason, the internet has become a hub for Canadians looking to purchase marijuana online. But while many people who run these businesses are not breaking the law by offering cannabis, they may be violating other facets of federal law. Specifically, laws that prohibit advertising, zoning regulations, and mandated security requirements.

This means that if authorities discover any illegal activity, it could be difficult for them to make an arrest. This is especially true if the website offers multiple forms of payment and has a system for hiding IP addresses, which makes it difficult for police to trace criminal activity.

A popular option for those who want to purchase marijuana seeds from a legitimate source is Quebec Cannabis Seeds. This seed bank has a solid reputation and is known for its stealthy and discreet shipping arrangements. Buyers can even pay using an alias, which is helpful when it comes to avoiding suspicion from customs officials.

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