Automatic Driving Lessons East London

Automatic driving lessons are becoming increasingly popular, as many people opt for this method of learning to drive. However, around 80% of driving tests across the UK are still conducted in manual cars. It’s important to have a good understanding of both options before you choose which licence to get.

What time should I drive to learn?

When booking automatic driving lessons east london, it is vital to find an instructor that is qualified and experienced. Look for instructors that are on the DVSA’s approved list and have up to date teaching qualifications. They should also have a car that is suitable for learners to practice in, and that has the appropriate safety features. It’s also worth checking what other learners are saying about the instructor you are thinking of booking lessons with.

You should also make sure that the driving school you are considering offers block booking discounts and can provide a cancellation policy. They should also be able to help you book your practical driving test.

During your automatic driving lessons, your instructor will first help you to familiarise yourself with the vehicle and its controls. They will then choose a quiet area to allow you to build your confidence before progressing to more challenging routes. An experienced instructor will know that each learner is different, so lessons are adapted to their needs.

There are a number of roads in East London that you can use for practise. For example, Hermon Hill is a narrow road with parked cars on both sides and is close to Wanstead Test Centre.

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