Thermoplastic Line Markings

thermoplastic line markings

Thermoplastic line markings are used to clearly mark traffic lanes, road boundaries and legends on roads, parking lots and other paved surfaces. They are thicker than paint and offer greater wear resistance. They can also be coloured to suit specifications and customised with symbols, letters and other design elements. They are a cost effective and durable alternative to traditional line marking paints. Read more

Preformed thermoplastic comes in a range of colours and is supplied in ready to use rolls that can be cut to size to create pavement markings of any length. These markings can be applied to small or large car parks, schools and industrial sites to enhance safety. Direction arrows, give way and stop lines can help keep people safe on footpaths and in car parks while speed limiting markers and warning messages can improve safety for drivers and pedestrians.

A Colorful Commute: Enhancing Road Safety with Thermoplastic Markings

Boosting visibility with preformed thermoplastic pavement markings can reduce the number of accidents and injuries on the road. With a high level of reflectivity and embedded glass beads, these markings can be seen even on the darkest nights or in poor weather conditions.

Thermoplastics can be sprayed or laid with special machines to meet specific requirements. They can be laid in layers to create rumble strips that provide motorists with physical feedback in the form of a vibration and audible rumbling noise. This helps raise awareness of potential danger spots and alerts drivers to slow down which can result in less collisions. The durability of these markings means they require less maintenance resulting in cost savings over time. They are also more resistant to chemicals, fuels and salt that can degrade other types of markings.

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