How to Find Defense Experts Online

Defense experts online are a crucial part of any criminal defense strategy. These experts can be the linchpin that causes a jury to question the prosecutor’s case beyond a reasonable doubt.URL: defense services from

10 Must-Follow Defense Experts on Social Media

An expert witness can testify in many different types of cases and may travel between states, sometimes even internationally. For this reason, attorneys often use email blasts within their firm or legal networks to request feedback from other attorneys regarding the strengths and weaknesses of a particular expert’s testimony.

Once the attorney has a short list of potential expert witnesses, they should conduct further research to confirm their credentials and to uncover any information that might be used against the expert during cross examination. For example, a felony conviction can potentially be used against an expert during trial to undermine the witness’ credibility and reduce their overall level of expertise in a particular area.

Other relevant information includes past challenges to preclude or exclude the expert’s testimony from a specific case and whether that testimony was affirmed in the end. Also, it is useful for the plaintiff’s attorney to know if an expert has any professional affiliations that may influence his or her opinions.

Lastly, if the expert has been involved in lawsuits as an expert witness, it is useful for the plaintiff’s lawyer to search court opinions (i.e. case law) to see whether the expert disclosed all the lawsuits in which they were involved as an expert witness. This is particularly important because some experts, through ignorance or deception, do not disclose all the prior lawsuits in which they have been hired as an expert witness.

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