Advantages of a Quantum Platform

quantum platform

A quantum platform is a software environment that supports the development of quantum applications. It should provide the user with all the tools needed to design, build, test and execute quantum programs. It should also support both gate-based and annealing technology, and a variety of hardware platforms. It should be compatible with all the main quantum software frameworks, such as Q#, QISkit, Forest, CIRQ and Ocean. It should also be capable of working with a number of different hardware platforms, including Rigetti, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and others.

It should also be capable of visualising, construction, and testing quantum assets from agnostic and platform-specific solutions. This should include the use of visual designers for gate-based circuits and annealer components; simulators and quantum computers; and the collection of telemetry from the execution process. It should also allow the refinement of quantum assets before launching them on the selected platform and explore their results using a unified scheme.

Quantum Cloud Services: Harnessing Quantum Power with Quantum Platforms

In addition, the quantum platform should allow the integration of classical/quantum information systems and the development of a hybrid programming model. This should be achieved through the use of a unified scheme that masks the complexities of different environments and languages.

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