Lock Pick Kits

Whether you’re a lock pick kits who needs to service clients or just want the satisfaction of opening your own door in a hurry, a high-quality lock pick set will give you the tools you need. A poorly chosen set can turn a fun hobby into frustration and even cause damage to the locks you’re trying to open.

A good starter set will contain tools like tension wrenches, picks and raking tools, as well as lock lubricant. It will also have a few clear locks that make ideal practice pieces and allow you to see the pins as you move your picking tool in and out of the keyway.

Mastering Lock Picking: The Essential Tools in Your Lockpick Tool Kit

Among the picks included in most sets are a hook (also called a feeler) and a half-diamond pick, which are both used to lift individual pins without disturbing surrounding pins or using a raking technique. There are also zigzag, snake, and single- or double-ball “snowman” picks.

These are useful for a variety of purposes, including opening wafer locks and even disc locks. A standard kit will also have a single-sided long rake pick and a 6-pin padlock pick, which work much the same as you’d expect.

Pocket lock pick sets are compact and carry easily in a shirt or pants pocket. They can be a great addition to a bug out bag or just something you might want to have around in case you get locked out of your car or home.

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