Replace Your Roof With Colorbond

replace your roof with Colorbond

Replace your roof with Colorbond

While some replace your roof with Colorbond love the timeless look of terracotta and concrete tiles, others are looking to modernise their home with a fresh new metal roof. Colorbond is one of the toughest building materials available today and it’s termite resistant so it will last for years and provide a great aesthetic on your home.

New Beginnings: Transforming Your Home with a Brand-New Roof in Newcastle

If you are building with Plantation Homes you get to choose between a tiled or Colorbond roof as part of your facade package so make sure you take this into consideration when choosing your home design. If you’re building a standalone house, a good quality Colorbond roof can be more cost effective than a tiled roof when it comes to replacement costs.

The price of a Colorbond roof can vary depending on the size of the roof, its complexity and the installation methods required. Also, if you require a specific colour or high-grade materials it may increase the overall price.

In general, a metal roof can be cheaper than a tiled roof when you take into account the installation cost, insulation and maintenance costs over time. Additionally, a steel roof will add value to your home and it’s more environmentally friendly. Vivify’s expert team of builders can help you determine the best option for your new build or renovation project. Contact us for a free quote.

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