Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detector

If you have an aging carbon monoxide detector that is not providing the level of protection you need, it may be time to consider upgrading to a low level CO monitor. This specialized type of detector is designed to alert at much lower levels of CO than standard UL-Listed detectors that only trigger an alarm when the concentration of CO in the air has reached 70 parts per million (ppm).

Low level carbon monoxide detector is a device that will monitor and display real time, peak and average CO concentrations over a 24 hour period, as well as provide visual and audible warning signals if detected at lower than normal levels of carbon monoxide. It is a professional quality, sealed lithium battery powered unit that has a 10 year life and features an easy to read alpha-numeric digital display. It is UL Listed to the latest ANSI/UL 2034 residential safety standard and includes two non-removable, factory sealed, ten year life batteries.

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Long term exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide can lead to heart disease, skin lesions and sweating, memory loss, flu-like symptoms, and headache. Young children, pregnant women and the elderly are particularly sensitive to low levels of carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide binds to hemoglobin in the bloodstream, binding it to carboxyhaemoglobin and reducing the amount of oxygen that can be transported around the body. Long-term low levels of carbon monoxide can increase the percentage of carboxyhaemoglobin that is bound, causing deprivation of oxygen and potentially leading to unconsciousness and death.

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